A downloadable game


Hyperstar is a challenging action-filled survival shooter. Defend yourself from dangerous enemies by piloting ancient starships, each armed with unique and powerful attacks.

Explore the Hyperstar Galaxy
Travel across the Hyperstar galaxy to discover new enemies, starships, and abilities along the way.

Upgrade Your Starship
Augment your starship with powerful upgrades to sharpen the edge against your foes.

Survive the Onslaught
Defend yourself against enemies who are constantly growing in power and numbers. Can you overcome their forces?

Key Features

  • Combat powerful enemies and bosses
  • Discover and pilot ancient starships and master their unique attacks
  • Explore immersive space environments
  • Survive a relentless assault of enemies in the endless survival mode
  • Play through scripted score-hunting gauntlets to put your skills to the test