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I'm using the mac version and I can't see certain models, or the letters. Is there a way to fix this, or is that just why the mac version is marked as "experimental" 


this is happening to me too idk whats going on i rly wanted to play :(

I don't think my game is working lol.

This is really cool! I love to see ENA inspired projects!

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if y'all ever need ideas for more of these i will gladly relay, this was one of the most fun experiences i've had playing a game, especially at 1 am

es un juego fantástico, me encanta 

Good game! I completed the HOLE game!!

The game loads fine, but when I click the start button (the one to actually start start the game) I get get stuck with some dialogue in a glitchy black screen
I can't be sure because I can't see but it seems the game was already running "behind" the black screen, as I managed to restart the dialogue by pressing the interact button again, but when I moved my mouse (as if looking to the side) I couldn't start the dialogue a third time

playing on win7


Verify that your system has support for either DirectX 10, 11, or 12. If your system is compatible with any of these make sure you have at least one of them installed on your system. If none of these are supported sadly your system is incompatible.

Thanks for the reply!

My system does already have DirectX 11 installed though, so I guess that's not the case

Hmm that's strange it doesn't work in that case. It seems to be an issue with the internal rendering engine of Unity not working properly. I'll try to see if there is an internal issue to fix it. As a last ditch effort if you have a dedicated video card make sure the drivers are up to date for it.



we need this on Mac lol

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A mac version has been uploaded. I don't have an update to date mac to test with so please let me know if you encounter any technical issues.

Edit: If you are having difficulty launching the game because of the OSX gatekeeper, I recommend downloading the app and installing the game through there.



update: there doesn't seem to be any issues on the mac version, so thats nice!

waiting for mac support be like:

good game bro!


so uhh when i click start the thing says email with a black screen and a load icon

im on windows 7 if its needed

Seems to be an issue with the intro animation not starting properly. This issue was hard to tackle so I posted an updated version (1.1.3) that skips the animation if it doesn't start playing after a while. If this doesn't fix the issue you can enable the "Skip Intro" option in the options menu to automatically skip this intro.

Hope this helps!


it's such a very aspiring game! the ending is so cool and I like the extra work you can do with the letters. I know this is a small game, and probably won't be updated, but it would be so cool if they made this an open world larger game (like ena ofc) this would be awesome! Nonetheless, it's a very good game.

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A little disappointed if the game doesn't have any references to ENA, like a temple with statues of the great Runas or some Egyptian hieroglyphs 

depicting Runas with manikins climbing him would be cool

(I'm writing this while the game downloads so if there are references I might delete it later).

edit:There are no references but It was still a really enjoyable and mesmerising experience
so thx devs


I thinks it's inspired by ENA because the game has retro Windows 98 stile like ENA, but that doesn't means references to the ENA series.

When start, on linux: get black inside window and loading cursor When start on wine on linux: get white inside window and loading cursor. help‽

What distribution of Linux are you running on? Is it 64-Bit compatible?


I would love it if you made it possible to play individual levels after completing the game, along with a timer for the levels themselves. awesome game~


An updated version (1.1.3) has been uploaded that updates the "stopwatch" app from the console to include segments for the various levels across the game. Records from the old system don't carry over into the new one and you will need to start a new save (soft reset) in order to utilize the new timer.


awesome !!! thank you




T U R R O N ?


T U R R O N ? ? 


T U R R O N ! ! ! !

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amazing game, love the style of it, but i have a problem with it. the menu loads up completely fine, but when i click start, it goes all buggy. it looks like the screenshot shown below. is there a way to fix this?


Ena is real game?



thank you its so good!

Loved this a lot, good stuff!


this was awesome! its short, but its absolutely fantastic! the characters are cute (my favorite was ruka) and the style is strange but cool




it doesnt work, and when i try to open the game in the folder it just doesnt work. i dont know whats wrong with it

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The game was amazing! I really enjoyed it , though , it was a bit short , anyway it was awesome!


Wait it's a game

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no this game was inspired by the style of ena

always have been. (*holds turron screams in the throat.*)

T        U      R    R     O   OO  O    N



this take a lot of time

very cool

It would be cool if there was an option to change your controls, because not evertyone uses a qwerty keyboard... Personally I'm French so I use a azerty keyboard, but that means that the controls to move aren't working...

I think the arrow keys work too!! (I have an American keyboard but I tried moving with both sets of keys and they both worked!! hope this helps!!)


An update has been uploaded that reworks the controls screen to allow changing of the controls. Hope this helps you enjoy our game!

link doesn't work :(



I can't play this




hi i was wondering if this game is safe to download?


Yes it is safe to open and download :)

yes it is

scanned it twice with my antivirus, said no infected files. its perfectly safe.


E   N   A.


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