Update 1.1 - Control remapping and bug fixes

An updated version of Somnium has been uploaded from the netscape!

This is mainly focused on addressing some issues encountered on some systems including:

  • Controls can now be remapped if the default controls aren't appropriate
  • Jumping is now more consistent in some areas
  • The install file size has been significantly improved
  • Other minor fixes and adjustments
  • An experimental linux build has been uploaded

If you encounter any issues, especially with the linux build, please let us know!

Recently we had a massive influx of players from giberic's video. We'd like to thanks giberic and the other YouTube creators who have uploaded videos of our game! We are incredibly grateful!

And to everyone else, thanks for playing!


Windows 64-Bit 87 MB
Version 1.1 Apr 27, 2021
Linux 64-Bit 90 MB
Version 1.1 Apr 27, 2021

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since there has been a decent amount of speedrun activity recently, i would appreciate a way to replay individual levels with IGT, that would be quite awesome

(edit: also please add once you've beaten the game once some way to make the beginning cutscene at least somewhat faster)


I posted a new version (1.1.3) that adds an option to skip the intro animation. The update also improves the stopwatch layout to show timestamps for each level and a nice color coded difference between your record time. Unfortunately this feature required reworking the way that the records were saved, meaning previous records will be lost and you will need to do a soft reset to utilize the new stopwatch.

Hope you enjoy these changes!