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Play as Mr. Munch, a monster whose world has been threatened by an ancient evil known as Nebulon who has come to devour your planet. You must quickly eat things on your home world to grow big enough to eat Nebulon before he can eat you. You must sacrifice your health and overeat until you explode!

How to Play
* W/A/S/D - Move
* Mouse - Rotate Camera
* Space - Jump

Tools Used
* Unity 2019.2 (C#)
* Visual Studio 2019
* Blender
* Audacity

* Ethan Sutley - Art
* Nathan MacAdam - Programming
* Luke Mirman - Programming
* Jonathan Ortiz - Audio
* Braden Ireland - Audio


MrMunchPC.zip 56 MB

Install instructions

Extract the .zip folder and run the MrMunch.exe executable.


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This character is the demon I see in my sleep paralysis...