v1.02 - Minor fixes and rebalancing

Summary: A small update to fix some balancing issues in the original release

Version 1.02 Updates:
- Warning issued when trying to start wave without towers or when starting a night level without vision.
- Tutorial improvements
- Tier 2+ enemies move significantly slower than before but have much higher health values.

Tower Changes:
- Campfire:
    - Reduced cost of tier 1 upgrade
    - Reducing range at tier 0/1
Lightning Tower:
    - Exponential cost raised slightly.
    - Tier 0 attack rate bug fixed
Fireball Tower:
    - Attack speed improved at Tier 0/1
    - Reduced tier 0/1 costs
    - Range reduced at all tiers.
    - Upgrading now exclusively raises the damage, projectile speed, and explosion radius.
Beam Tower:
    - Reduced base costs at tier 1+
    - Raised the exponential cost significantly
    - Deals damage at slower intervals (damage per second is largely unchanged)
    - Acquires new targets at a slower rate
Archer Tower:
    - Raised base cost slightly
    - Tiers 1+ have improved damage per second
    - Tier 3 gets a massive range increase.

What's next:

There are a few more additions planned for the moment that being:
- Tower attack priority system (currently attacks the closest enemy)
- Tower properties visible in game
- Statistics for a particular towers performance
- High score for best wave clear
- Improved audio and UI visuals.

Thank you so much for playing and going so far as to read the patch notes. I hope you enjoy the game!


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