v1.03 - Improved audio and tower targeting

== Summary ==
- Tower attack priority can now be customized (First/Last/Closest/etc.)
- Improved audio quality
- Tower attack visuals have been improved
- Towers now show an icon for their current upgrade tier
- Balance changes to improve lightning tower and reduce sudden difficulty spikes.

== Balance Changes ==
- Lightning Tower
    - Enemies damaged are now also slowed.
    - Lightning bounces slowed down at higher tiers.
    - Bounce damage improved.
- Tier 5 Enemy
    - Health reduced
    - Speed increased
- Difficulty scaling overhauled
    - Enemy speed scaling reduced.
    - Enemy health grows linearly every evening starting at wave 25 (used to be exponential)
    - Enemy spawn interval reduced at most stages of the game.
    - Starting at wave 32 the number of enemies per waves grows exponentially


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