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did you said... TURRÓN?


i love this game, even tho it was just about a email, i still love it

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This game is one of my favorites now, oh and I also came from the ENA animations by Joel G. Salutations fellow ENA fans! Anyways, I have played several endings, one with cheats on and one with everything completed

If you want to know where to get the cheats look below me, I see there is one explaining it in the comments down there. A really nice community I might say.

I finished the game on my old Mac that I fixed a couple years ago. (it was my moms haha) This game just stands out due to the aesthetic and concept. It's like a different ENA episode starring side characters of the said universe I love it so much. I also enjoy the replay-ability and simplistic yet wacky style. I'd rate it 100/10.   

I'm a new user hello. :)



could you tell us the cheats or who commented them i cant find it :(((

i loved this game sm ahhh omg i absolutely love ena and playing this game really filled that void i felt from the lack of ena and ena universe content I've been receiving lmao


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Well it was fun trying to play it but I can't play it.  X, c I still had fun painting with the cursor


this game is amazing, i would rate it a 10/10, i just finished it and i enjoyed every second, would highly recommend this game to my friends and that's just the beginning, i have so much more to say about this game, but i'll just say one thing, the graphics are amazing, i always love ps1 styled games, i just can't put how much i enjoyed this game into words 

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this is so perfect,i just finished, i want so much more, i'm in love with it. if theres anyone interested but doesnt know if its worth it, just install rn, you wont regret it, tysm for the creator, im so in love


Personally, one of my favorite games on so far! And yes, I came from ENA.

Much love to the devs of the game! <3

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i love it, so cute and its a great game based on ena. i love its retro and pixelated style and how well it runs, thanks for this game !!


I love this game, but I only got to play it once. For some reason the start button stopped working :(


a wonderful game, i just finished playing it and will certainly play again a lot of times. The graphics and colors are really pretty and the characters are amazing.


this looks like a drug trip

because it is, its basically lsd simulator


very nice game

praise to the devs 

Don't know if this is a glitch or if I am being a dumbass with the CMD, but I honest to God can't get Page 2 of Help. I tried typing it in different ways and it always gets me to Page 1.    

Great game, anyway. Would the devs consider uploading the (excellent) OST to Youtube? 


The soundtrack has been uploaded to YouTube as well as on this page if you would like to download it.

Regarding the help command: In order to view the other pages do "help 2" without the quotes. Perhaps you were including the # sign which it seems the console doesn't recognize.

jokes on you somnium team, i have found the cheats command


pls explain me how


this game is a turron moment

thanks for coming to my ted talk

This is a really good game man! 

It looks like a ENA game, But good (:

did it bother you


ummm when i press E it repeats the same thing all over again

A new version of the game (1.1.6) has been uploaded which adds the option to disable some advanced graphics of the game (which are likely the culprit of this glitch). You can find the setting at the bottom of the options menu labeled "Disable Advanced Shader". Toggle this setting on and let me know if this fixes your issue.

I keep having the same problem as well, same screen too, and I tried turning off the advanced shader and it still didn't work. Any other suggestions?


Make sure your system and its drivers (particularly video card drivers) are up to date. Otherwise it is sadly likely your system is incompatible.


Salutations, Luke Mirman! I heard you were behind the making of ENA - TEMPTATION STAIRWAY!

Is this a true or false statement?

Please reply!


I myself was not behind the creation of Temptation Stairway but I have chat with people that have for insight/advice.

This is a really fun game! Fun platformer, amazing art and details, and overall very nice. 100% would play again.

yes pog

Luke Mirman, more like Pog Dev

ı love this style of games 

health to your hand 

greetings from turkey 

Also recommend playing around in the start menu with the command prompt menu, you'll surely find some Easter eggs ;]

Nice game 10/10

This game was fun, perfect length, and nice aesthetics with the cyan/magenta/yellow/black pallets.

the game isnt showing stuff like letters or jumps it might be bc im on mac but ive tried downloading it manually and through the app and theyre not there :(


In the cyan room the second thing of jumps is invisible and on a cloud. Is this supposed to happen or is it just because I'm playing on Mac?


Deleted 1 year ago

dose anyone have a problem with the game not showing certain things and the letters? i re installed it three times and it still dosent show up:/

what a banger

This Game looks great and I am looking forward to trying it out, but Please make a windows version, I do not have a 64-bit computer and I cannot use the old version Thanks! <3

Ngl this game is pretty cool B)

im off to download this! bet itll be a pretty cool game.


The aesthetic of this game is splendid, but gameplay wise it is quite basic. Would you consider adding some ability to gain and maintain speed beyond the capped grounded movement? It could add a whole new dimension to navigating the unique landscapes of the levels. Something like an auto-jump and air acceleration physics akin to bhop servers in Counter Strike or Quake movement, for example.


Hey Luke Mirman, we really need you on the Somnium Speedrunning Discord, that would be pog and I'm sure there is stuff that you know that we could use. I love the game and would be glad if we could talk with you (:


Can you please fix the yellow letter hitboxes? they seem a lot weirder and smaller than the other ones. thank you!!


A new update (1.1.4) has been posted that fixes some of the letters in the yellow room. There were low% runs that were dependent on some of the letters using the old hitboxes so I avoided adjusting certain letters to make sure that it was still possible to complete the level without grabbing letters under those circumstances. Let me know if you encounter any issues with the new version.

i want the game SO much



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